Chateau305 @ Hollywood Squares - Laguna Beach, CA

Chateau305 @ Hollywood Squares - Laguna Beach, CA
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Thursday, December 3, 2009


Ok, Here we are with the "Live Broadcasted" December 3rd Feed....should you not be able to make it... stay tuned, and look out for the Bigger January event ... Yeah, our artist R.Pastucha has been delayed getting deadlines met for his fashion debut =P

Thursday, November 5, 2009

NOVEMBER 5th "Re-Fresh, A New Start, Signature R.Pastucha"

This is the installation pre-view of our Grand Finale showcase with our original resident artist Ron Pastucha... Since nearly losing his painting hand thumb in a freak cooking fire, Ron has endured numerous surgeries, faced major depression, but has fought back to Re-Emerge painting Now with his left hand in a progressive new left-handed series still in the works. While taking on teaching at FIDM, Ron has pursued another re-entry in the world of fashion, looking forward to a fall 2010 line title Signature R.Pastucha. Ooops! Sorry for the miscue, but I forgot to hit record, so unless you chimed in live... I have to tape for this event ..too bad =( .. thanks for the good peops that turned out despite limited promotion ... Be sure to calendar JANUARY for the Bigger Deal, Live with Ron Pastucha and his live body painted maniquen sisters/models ...