Chateau305 @ Hollywood Squares - Laguna Beach, CA

Chateau305 @ Hollywood Squares - Laguna Beach, CA
just another "Real World" Social Networking Event

Thursday, December 11, 2008

December Lights - We LIT IT UP! END OF YEAR

Thanks to all, who all had a Good Nite, Not a Soul was un touched, Not a cat left behind!

Thanks to Scrap Star - "Keith Simms" and Saxist Brock who definetly Rocks!

And of course Christina Dietz, who we All are Sure to See Again - Better than Gwen Stefani, is quite possibly an understatement? You Decide just Very COOL that she played at the Chateau305 -

AND of Course GEORGINA and her Horse Painting SHe must have Rode in on?? ... We dedicate so many pictures to include her... thannnnks for your photos!! And ...

LOOOOK OUT For her Spring Time Charity "A Cause For A Cure" with location to be announced, but sure to have some familiar faces!!!


Jonathan Edwards and his Sexy and Beautiful "Abstrotica" Paintings...

Sonny "D" and his Kick Ass Celebrity Isis Jewelry - As worn by such rebels as Slash, and Tommy Lee...

Ron Pastucha, Our InFamous Resident Artist, Soon to segway his Fashion Debut!!

And the FEATURED Artist...
STEVE FAWLEY .... and his Fun, ABstract Pop Art, thats taking him from the doldrums of a Day Gig at QuickSilver to the latest greatest Fine artist Platform - FULL TIME - Nice Job!!

Other Notable Artist Present Are Still a mystery, but possible new re-introduction in 2009.

.... ANd Claudia Katora.. Super Model Bartender... with PourFaVour of course.... Not just a Bartender!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

OCTOBER FESTive - Lucas Rise'

Back from his trip back home to Argentina, Lucas Rise' staged his first come back tour here at Chateau305.

Check out these early pics as this event got rolling..... Stay tuned for our next and end of year event coming in DECEMBER (Sorry we are taking Novemebr off due to our personal out-of-town tours =P