Chateau305 @ Hollywood Squares - Laguna Beach, CA

Chateau305 @ Hollywood Squares - Laguna Beach, CA
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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

DON'T FORGET "Chinese New Year" THIS FEB. the 7th

Well, December.... yeah, It came, it went off, and Now Its 2008, HAPPY NEW YEAR! Since We are researching some new talent and ideas Our January Art-Walk will be carried into the Feb Show... So .... stay tuned! By The Way Be Sure to RSVP FEB 7th EVENT .. and come celebrate Chinese New Year with Us!

Oh, and Sorry for this BLOG Delay... our Last six weeks have been as busy as anyone's... Speaking about Anyone.. If You Missed DECEMBER, hERE are a few PICS to Get you Caught up.

Special THANKS to our encore artist's/OC Tagger's Eric Gordon and Andy DeLeon ... Our HOT ;-) New Talent Kristy Lynn (someone to follow for sure!) ..... our seasoned but in season Steve Metzger with his fabulous photo realistic Gigantic pieces, our local girl jewelry designer Sonja Bradley and ... special guest artist, film-maker, and naturalist from the grunge capital Seattle, to the Laguna Hood.... Isaac Anderson.

Oh, by the way Lynette Thanks For the Awesome Music! We All Loved the trio you brought... and the normally quiet neighbors.... well, they secretly loved you too! (my bad, next time I will send someone to invite them if I can't myself.... as usually I am a day late and $ short on neighbor invites... Heck, with all the staging and prep, I can barely get an invite in on time to my own Chateau305 housemates!) ...