Chateau305 @ Hollywood Squares - Laguna Beach, CA

Chateau305 @ Hollywood Squares - Laguna Beach, CA
just another "Real World" Social Networking Event

Sunday, July 15, 2007

"Chateau 305" Debut!



It went quite well... considering our last minute heroics getting the "Chat" in working order... last minute lighting issues, not to mention last minute clearing of the gallery floor of all domestic living evidence, and the creative staging and installation of art work....

Great Thanks!
To our first featured artist, the Great Ron Pastucha of Winnipeg, Canada
.... and to the contributing staging efforts of StyleMavericks' Chris and Serena, visiting fine artist Gina Tamburri (watch out for her upcoming 'chat' showcase), Schneeds, Jesse & Malani, besides myself the still unelectrocuted, master lighting technician.

Check out our latest "Press Release" produced by StyleMavericks and a few event photos... Look forward to seeing more of you at our official opening this next month thursday, August 2nd.

Peace & Out!