Chateau305 @ Hollywood Squares - Laguna Beach, CA

Chateau305 @ Hollywood Squares - Laguna Beach, CA
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Monday, February 12, 2007

Exclusive 1st Thursday, Monthly Laguna Beach Art Gallery Event!

"Chateau 305" represents a monthly private open house, VIP underground event @ a NYC Style oceanview loft residence... a gallery premiere introduction of emerging pop culture talent.... fine artists ranging from photographers, illustrators, painters, sculptors, as well as designers in fashion and jewelry.

The "" web site will be branded as an exclusive VIP event gallery; previewing established up and coming talent and their works; and a virtual catalog for private collectors to review and purchase desired gallery show pieces from past events.

Physical location of Chateau 305 is on the corner of N. Coast Highway & Broadway, behind the infamous starbucks, and corner Mobile Gas Station.... look for the "Chateau 305" banner on the balcony, and balloons at the rear of the (starbucks) parking lot.... follow the candle lights to the third floor, unit 305... you'll see the posted signs, and hear the chatter! Look forward to seeing you there!

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