Chateau305 @ Hollywood Squares - Laguna Beach, CA

Chateau305 @ Hollywood Squares - Laguna Beach, CA
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Friday, November 2, 2007


NOV. 1st, Day After Halloween, CHAT-305 - TAGGER DEBUT:

Welcome back! We missed OCT. But made it up here.... Thats for SURE!

GREAT Turnout, Progressively the Best.... Despite a relatively thin Artwalk crowd.... OBVIOUSLY, Not the case at CHATEAU 305.

Featured Talent this month:
Andy De Leon
Eric Gordon

Artist Known as "Miss Understood"
Michael R. Foley

and... Our Resident Artist,

Mr. Ron Pastucha

Both Andy De Leon and Eric Gordon, heralded underground OC Taggers, teamed up here to set the pace for a Great and edgy event... A couple of Andy's piece's Sold as the show Favorites.... Eric Gordon, complemented our main entrance with his animated monster portraits with vivid colors and strong contrasting fluid lines touched off with trademark raw paint.
"Miss Understood" is our red-coat Tagger, presenting our shows edgiest fashion forward mixed art photography piece complete with his highly discreet statement tag that apparently .... has given him a few stories to tell from his underground creative past.... Miss Understood, an internationally travelled student automotive designer currently works for a luxury auto mfg. and is a temporary resident at Chat-305, and used, as the subject of his piece, his girlfriend Anne Forschner, also a student automotive designer working at Mazda USA. Much thanks to these two for finding the time to create and install one of the shows favorite!
Next up is Michael R. Foley... the shows exclusive location photograper. Michael is definetly an up and coming photographer with a great eye for some scenic location shots. As a location shooter, he's got a future working with film directors scouting and finding obscure to obvious locations that make our favorite movies come to life with full character!
Lastly, thanks to Ron Pastucha... as our resident artist, his work has maintained a following and inspires our newest guests... Future work from Ron is highly anticipated!

Friday, September 7, 2007


Ok, This month came fast... seems like we just finished out August gig and here we are already.... Although this turned out just as strong as our previous pre-launch events, we still seem to be running behind the eight-ball :-( ... I think we are getting a set-up system down, as well as a day-of gorilla marketing approach.... MUCH thanks to Dion and Coralee for game night street promotions .... You two really helped bring some new faces into the mix!! Ron Pastucha, thanks again! We might be making you our resident franchise chat-305 premiere talent... Your works stands tall and strong! Especially your "LIFE" painting... couple interested potential buyers... we'll see. This months preview and September 11th commemorative contribution came from artist/filmmaker/architect Mike Roy. Mike couldn't make it this event due to his back-to-school commitments in Pasadena, but we expect to see him in October!

As for our CORE marketing/email campaign thanks to STYLEMAVERICKS Chris & Serena, again! We are priming the engine, and I can't wait until we have all pistons firing.... SPECIAL THANKS! to my sexy supermodel friend Jennifer Cartwrght... whom also came early to help me set up and keep me entertained ... next time you'll reschedule your photoshoots so you can stay to the close ;-P. Of Course lets not forget Gina Tamburri our special guest artist from Philly, whom with Mr. Thiel make a good TEAM.